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*The Great Malaga Path

Diputación de Málaga

*The Great Malaga Path

“Topoguía” is a new term in the Spanish language formed by the Greek words “topos” meaning a place and “guía” meaning guide. This type of guide is not Orly designed to physically guide you but also to describe the geography, topography and toponymy of places it takes you to. Topography describes the special features of the terrain and toponymy is a study of the origin and meaning of local place names.

The goal of the Topographical Guide of The Gran Senda de Málaga is to describe each of the stages of the path while interpreting the territory through analysis and explanations, treating the path as a sum of many places.
In this sense the present work, additional to being a technical guide to the 35 stages of the itinerary also offers a detailed description of its natural values, pointing out the relevant elements which are interesting from an environmental or a cultural point of view.

The guide has a dynamic and open style and maintains a uniform structure when describing each stage of the itinerary. The contents are accessible to anyone who wants to take on this walking project and explore the most diverse landscapes of the Málaga province. An obvious advantage of this Project is the various formats of the guide available to the walker.

This guide has been made available by the Diputacíon Provincial de Málaga (Málaga Province Council) for the public to use on the GR- 249 Grand Senda de Málaga footpath and has been published using the parameters of the Federación Andaluza de Montaña (Andalucían Mountain Federation) which certifi es footpaths in our autonomous region of Spain, Andalucía.

The GR (Gran Recorrido, meaning a long distance path) has been granted two names. The part which spans the northern part of the province, inland from Nerja to Casares, in reality should be called E4-GR7-GR 249 whilst the coastal crossing in the south from Casares to Nerja should be referred to as E12-GR92-GR 249. However, for practical purposes we have uniformly used the name GR-249 for easier reading.

This free publication can be obtained in the following formats:

  • PDF Format: compatible with any PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader.
  • Flash Format: available through the Calameo website for browsers with Adobe Flash.

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