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GR 243. Sierra de las Nieves. Étape 3: Yunquera - Tolox

Diputación de Málaga

GR 243. Sierra de las Nieves. Étape 3: Yunquera - Tolox

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Our route starts in Yunquera at the side of the ancient mill of Los Patos. Next to a small bridge that crosses the river Plano we start a steep descent between small, irrigated fields until we reach a small stream that is a tributary of the Rio Plano. From this point we start a smooth climb that takes us to the pass of Castaño, finding ourselves at a crossing of paths where we have to take the track that descends brusquely towards the Rio Grande. We soon arrive at this famous river at a point close to its source. Here we find the San Pascual electric power station, built to take advantage of the water power.

We can take a short rest next to the power station or, if we wish, visit the impressive site of the source of the river, only two kilometres away.

To continue our journey towards Tolox we have to follow the track across the river. We soon arrive at a fork where we have to take the left-hand path, ignoring the steep slope on the right that leads up to the zone known as La Breña. Our path runs along the hillside with the river Grande below us, in the bottom of the valley. A kilometre further on we reach another fork where, this time, we turn right, following a steep slope that leads us to the top of the impressive cliffs of the Tajo Aguilera. The path continue through an area of brush where we also see small groves of olive trees and almonds. We soon see the hill of Loma de la Pola, site of a big water deposit which supplies water to Tolox. From there we can appreciate the splendid view of the village with the Sierra de las Nieves in the background. Staying always on the main path we start to descend again and soon we arrive in Tolox.

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Texte original extrait de la version en anglais.

1. Starting point

Access Starting point: Yunquera: Molino de Los Patos, at the end of calle Agua (Water Street).


2. Finish point

Access to finish point: Tolox: Junction of the A-7250 Tolox road with calle Erilla (Street of the Little Threshing Ground).

Durée - 3:00 horas
Longueur - 8600 Km