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GR 243. Sierra de las Nieves. Étape 6: Monda - Istán

Diputación de Málaga

GR 243. Sierra de las Nieves. Étape 6: Monda - Istán

Texte original extrait de la version en anglais.


The name of the street, calle Istan, indicates the starting point of our route in  Monda, coinciding with the old pathway to the village of Istan, our destination. The first part of the way heads south-west away from the village, passing between small, fenced estates. The path heads downhill, following a section where the pavement of the old way is still preserved and leading us down to the Arroyo Seco (Dry Stream). Once across this latter we meet an important crossing of paths, some 2.5 km past our starting point. Here we have two choices, either continue directly towards Istan, or take the alternative route of our GR through the Sierra de las Nieves, towards Ojen.

For the section that we are presently following, we head directly towards Istan, taking a recently constructed path that is asphalted in its initial stages and gives us some of the best views of the zone of Moratan with its old buildings. We follow this path for around 4.5 km where it rejoins the old pathway once more. Another 1.2 km further on we reach the pass at Puerto Moratan which gives access to the Valley of the Río Verde. Here we find another important meeting of pathways.

To reach Istan we have to take the one on the left which takes us downhill along the pathway of Bornoque. From here on we follow the main pathway without turning off, and 10.5 km later we arrive in Istan where we are greeted by the fresh and abundant waters of the spring that forms the source of the Rio Molinos.

Itinéraire À pied
Accès -

Texte original extrait de la version en anglais.

1. Starting point

Access Starting point: Junction of the calle Villeta with the calle Istán (Monda).


2. Finish point

Access to finish point: Recreational zone of El Coto (Istán).

Durée - 6:00 horas
Longueur - 18400 Km