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Cuento y leyenda en salares

Diputación de Málaga

Cuento y leyenda en salares

Its name probably comes from the salt deposits that existed in Roman times, a place which was known in those days as Salaria Bastitanorum.

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The fountain of Albarrá, situated to the south of the town after the convergence of the rivers Salares and Sedella, soon became a legend as in winter its waters are hot and in summer they are invigoratingly fresh. This feature meant that many young people met there in summer to take the waters or to fill the pitchers or jugs; it soon became an ideal place for starting courtship.

Of all its traditions, one is remembered which consisted in the sorcery surrounding Midsummer Night. The idea was that people went to the fountains, especially that of Albarrá, rivers and streams and before they were surprised by sunrise, wash their face;
once this had been done, the women had to get a cress branch –a medicinal and aromatic plant that grows near water- and hang it from their chest. As a result, love and happiness were protected for the rest of the year. This tradition is still alive and practiced by most of the people who like the rites and customs associated to the magical night of San Juan (Midsummer Night).

Another tradition is celebrated on the eve of All Saints. There is a very ancient custom in Salares called “santo mortero”, a night of spirits and elves when the children visited the neighbors’ houses asking for seasonal fruit as gifts. The lovely fruit collected would be eaten when they met in groups to celebrate the day. This tradition is maintained today with some modifications due to influences from America. In spite of these changes, the children continue visiting their neighbors, and the night is still shrouded in the will-o’-the-wisp in the cemeteries and in the legends and rites pertaining to the stories of souls, whether they are lost ones or those that have reached their final resting place.



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