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Cuento y leyenda de Iznate

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Cuento y leyenda de Iznate

Its name comes from the Arabic “hisnat” or “hinsauta” which could be translated to Spanish as castle or castles.

  • Name of its inhabitants:


  • Famous personalities:

One of its famous personalities, Juan Josê Villaluenga y Marfil was president of the court in Quito at the end of the XVIII century. A portrait (a rolled canvas) of this illustrious person is kept in the Convent Museum of the Descalzas in Antequera

  • Legend:

A legend claims that the famous leader Omar Ben Hafsun, who was so talked about at the time of the Caliphate in Córdoba, was born in Iznate. Up to now these are only conjectures in spite of the claim by the famous Arab scholar Dozy, who maintains the theory that the birthplace of the Muslim leader was Iznate, although other sources insist that this leader was born in Parauta, in the mountains of Ronda.

It is interesting to note a unique historical characteristic about this town which is that it enjoyed the privilege of “behetrîa”. This meant that, because it completely owned its lands, the people had the right to elect whoever they wanted as lord to defend them or support them in time of need. As a result, the obligation to swear allegiance to a Christian lord years later must have been very difficult.


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