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How big the world is!

Diputación de Málaga

How big the world is!

 It was not so long ago that village folk did not leave their place of birth unless forced to do so in order to make a decent living. Few, if any, travelled for pleasure alone; tourism was still a long way off in these parts. In fact, the only time people left their native village was either during the olive or grape harvests, when they might venture as far afield as the next village, or when they were conscripted. Many had no idea of what lay beyond the boundaries of their own village, neither through personal experience nor through the media, as there were no informative television documentaries in those days.

One young fellow left Alfarnate to do his military service Granada. In the months that followed, each time that he came home and went back again, he had to walk to the railway station in neighbouring Loja, where he met a young lady. Shortly after his military service was over, the couple decided to marry.

As the wedding was held in Loja, the groom’s family had to travel here from Alfarnate. In the absence of any alternative means of transport, they came either on horseback or on foot. The groom’s mother had never been out of her native village, and after more than an hour’s walking, by which time Alfarnate had completely disappeared from view, she proclaimed, much to the amusement of her relatives: “My, how big the world is!” 


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