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Fair and Major Holidays

Diputación de Málaga

Fair and Major Holidays

With the arrival of July, from the first Tuesday of this month until Sunday, Estepona lives its Fair and Major Holidays. For six days and six nights everything is a party, because the Fair floods everything with that special atmosphere that only Andalusia can offer. This is the time of year where it shines in all its splendor, when residents and tourists set out to live a few days of fun, when the hustle and bustle most invites to go out, to eat and dine on the terraces and booths, to meet friends. During the night the fairground is lit with thousands of light bulbs, it is dressed in colors, music and fun. The first day the parade of giants and big heads, accompanied by the band of bugles and drums and the noise of the rockets, announce the start of the fair. This same day the Proclamation and the coronation of the young and infant Queens and Ladies takes place. The Real de la Feria is inaugurated with the ribbon cutting by the Mayor and the attractions are already starting to work and the music is playing in the booths. Throughout the week a series of activities will take place in the official Booth, such as a children's party, a party for the elderly and performances by orchestras, flamenco groups and renowned artists.

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