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Carnival. Humilladero. February. Unique Festival

Diputación de Málaga

Carnival. Humilladero. February. Unique Festival

This festival has been declared to be of Tourist Interest by the Provincial Council of Málaga.

Please check with the local Town Hall or Municipal Tourism Office for the festival date before planning any sightseeing activities.

Carnivals in Humilladero attract a great deal of participation from both local and neighbouring towns residents. This has turned it into one of the most important festivals in the whole region.

On Saturday, the traditional parade takes place. At night, there is a folk festival animated by an orchestra and an awards ceremony to the best costumes. There are four different categories: groups, couples, solo, and pets.

On Sunday, Humilladero returns to an ancient tradition known as the “Chuchete de los Botijos”—around noon, people in disguise gather in the town square to joyfully toss a botijo (earthenware drinking jug) to each other while forming a ring-shaped circle. Everyone will do their best to catch the jug. Otherwise, they will be removed from play, and the last person left in the ring wins the game.

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