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Fiesta de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival). Manilva. September. Unique Festival

Diputación de Málaga

Fiesta de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival). Manilva. September. Unique Festival

This festival has been declared to be of Tourist Interest by the Provincial Council of Málaga.
Please check with the local Town Hall or Municipal Tourism Office for the festival date before planning any sightseeing activities

Since the 16th century, the hilly vineyards in the area have infused the municipality with a distinctive nature. Flanked by beautiful Muscat grape vineyards, Manilva shares border with the province of Cádiz, becoming the junction point between the Costa del Sol and the Campo de Gibraltar in a delightful area of rocky cliffs called Punta Chullera.

The village invites to relax and stroll through its streets, have tapas in a bar or go to the beach. During festivities, the number of options increases. A case in point is the Grape Harvest Festival. During this celebration of the end of the grape harvest, the very first wines produced are presented.

The festival begins early in this land of great winemaking tradition. In the early hours of the morning, a Rocío Mass is celebrated, giving way to the procession of Our Lady of Sorrows through the village streets. This procession is accompanied by the local young women dressed as villagers, who are praying for the fields of Manilva to be protected. This is followed by a very significant event in Manilva during which the best grape bunches are offered to Our Lady and later on, the grape pressing process is performed to extract the first must of the season.

Those who have dedicated their entire lives to the art of turning grapes into grape juice (must) can understand the secrets of this traditional work that has been passed down from father to son, and which has nothing to do with the current, modern methods of grape processing. In Manilva, it is still customary to step on the grapes for hours on a square surface with a protruding edge and a slight tilt towards the centre of either side. It is through this point that the must flows into a well-shaped tank on a lower level.
Every year, a resident is honoured to be in charge of treading this fruit. The crowds gather on Mar Street to witness the grape treading and taste the first wine of the season

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