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Festival Frigiliana Tres Culturas (Festival of the Three Cultures). August. Unique Festival

Diputación de Málaga

Festival Frigiliana Tres Culturas (Festival of the Three Cultures). August. Unique Festival

This festival has been declared to be of Tourist Interest by the Provincial Council of Málaga.
Please check with the local Town Hall or Municipal Tourism Office for the festival date before planning any sightseeing activities.

This village of La Axarquía region stretches downhill from the castle of Lizar (an ancient fortress) in a charming maze of narrow streets and small squares. It is known by the name “Villa de las tres Culturas” (Village of the Three Cultures) because of the distinct civilisations that have roamed its streets: the Arabs, the Moors, and the Christians. Their imprint can still be seen in the village, especially in the old town (also called Barrio Alto or Barribarto), where the story of the rebellion of the Moors and the conquest of the Catholic Monarchs is told through 12 glazed ceramic tiles embedded in various facades.

Because of its historical heritage, Frigiliana is the most suitable location for the annual festivities of the Festival of the Three Cultures, for both its past and present integrate cultural coexistence by welcoming people from a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds. This annual event turns the village into a place of international interest, a great example of social inclusion. The main purpose of the festival is to promote the cultural diversity currently existing in Frigiliana in order to spread a message of respect, tolerance, and unity. The last weekend in August, this extraordinary cultural event takes place in the municipality, which becomes a welcoming meeting point for many different cultures. Visitors will enjoy a carefully planned activity programme offering a full range of options in a relaxed, family environment for all attendees, regardless of their age or background: high-level musical performances, talks, exhibitions, and gourmet days including the successful Ruta de la Tapa (The Tapas Tour). There are also recreational activities in the form of parades, music, juggling, circus performances, belly dancing, as well as entertainment for children like traditional playground games, storytelling, theatre plays, puppet shows, among many others.

The festival takes place in the streets and revolves around the Three Cultures Market—a traditional market selling beautiful products in a cosmopolitan and festive atmosphere.

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