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Cuento y leyenda de Benamocarra

Diputación de Málaga

Cuento y leyenda de Benamocarra

The name Benamocarra comes from “Banu Mukarram”, the sons of Mukaramm, the name of the Berber tribe that founded the town.

  • Name of its Inhabitants:


  • Famous Personalities:

Eduardo Ocón y Rivas, born on the 12 January, 1.833. A musician who obtained the highest prizes and decorations. He died of pneumonia in the tower of Málaga Cathedral on the 28 February, 1.901.

Josê Manuel Lucena Gordo, born in 1.902 and died in 1983 in Benamocarra. He is remembered as the country poet, the name of one of the streets of his town.

  • Legend:

The old people tell of a miracle in the form of a legend. It is thought that towards the end of the XVIII or beginning of the XIX century, a cholera epidemic broke out in the area and soon after the illness came to the town spreading among the inhabitants. Human efforts were insufficient to stop the terrible epidemic so it was decided that to go to Torre del Mar to bring the statue of a Christ, reputed to be miraculous. This was done and once the statue of Christ was taken to the town, it was taken in procession through the streets, while windows and doors were opened as it went by to purify the homes.

Next day, they took the statue out of the church and started to take it back, but when they reached the outskirts of the town, the statue became so heavy that it was not possible to continue. This was seen as a miracle and a holy sign as the statue became lighter as it was taken back into the town.

The epidemic suddenly subsided and the statue of Christ that had shown an interesting staying in Benamocarra was given the name of the Health,; it was acclaimed as patron saint and, so people would remember the miracle, a small chapel was built on the spot were it became impossible to continue carrying the statue and this is now called The Little Saint.

People in the area know of a legend of the treasure which the Moors buried in the farmstead in Luchena, the few remains of which are to be found almost at the entrance to the town, although it is in the municipal district of Vêlez-Málaga. It is believed that the Moors decided to bury the treasures when they fled at the time when the city and the surrounding towns were about to fall, and naturally they have yet to be found.


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