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Cuento y leyenda de Torrox

Diputación de Málaga

Cuento y leyenda de Torrox

Some historians associate Torrox with Hisn Turrus, the place where, in 914, Abderraman III’s troops defeated those of Omar Ibn Hafsun, the Mulad rebel who had tried to bring down the Caliphate in Cordoba.

  • Name of its inhabitants:


  • Famous personalities:

Almanzor Abo-Amir Muhammad Ben Abi Amer, who was better known as Almazor and was given the nickname El Victorioso (The Victor) was born in Torrox in 939, according to some historians in the Castle in the town. Among other duties, he was the Cadi of Sevilla and commander-in-chief of the army. He died in Medinaceli in 1.002.

  • legend:

According to the legend of the Puente de las Animas (the Bridge of Souls), on All Saints’ Day, along the Arab bridge the crosses the river at the entrance of the town along the Nerja road, the spirits appear carrying torches in procession on their way to the convent, at about midnight. This is reason enough for the bridge to be called the Bridge of Souls.

There is a traditional and legendary rite that is still followed by people in love who are uncertain about their future. The idea is to fill a bowl with water into which the man throws a pin and then the woman throws another. The pins must be left all night in the water and then next morning the couple go to see if the ends have joined, meaning they are blessed with good luck and their love will prosper; If on the other hand the pins remain apart it is obvious their relationship will not prosper. But beware: some cheats will magnetize the pins so the result will go their way. However, we must not kid ourselves; this is not a wise move.


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