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Source of the Salado River, Almargen (Unique Site)


Recommended month to visit it: May..

Almargen, a town on the plains, whose main mean of support resides in the agriculture: olives, cereals or sunflowers shape its landscape. It is found between the Sierra de Cañete and the Sierra Zorrito, right on the line that separates the hydrographic basins of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Among its many springs, there is one whose waters have medicinal qualities due two its high level of Iodine. It is the one located at the source of the Salado river. The source, a pool of approximately 3 metres of diameter and one meter deep, is situated in some sort of canyon created by the erosion of the water and is surrounded by trees that have been replanted in the past 30 years. These medicinal waters were already being used during the Roman rule, as witnessed by the ancient baths found in the area.



Inicio sendero y aparcamiento: 319885 / 4098600
Nacimiento de Río Salado: 319955 / 4098782

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