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Map of the urban route of Gaucín (in Spanish and in English)

Diputación de Málaga

Map of the urban route of Gaucín (in Spanish and in English)

This publication has been made under the Development Plan to Promote Tourism in the Serrania de Ronda, is bilingual (English and Spanish), and includes at the back a description and a map of the urban routes of the Serrania de Ronda.

The origins of Gaucîn date back to the Romans, period when a primitive fortification today disappeared was built up. It was the Arabs, however, who erected the impressive Castle of the town. At that point, having the control of the Strait of Gibraltar was crucial for the Arabs to maintain their dominance on the Iberian Peninsula.

The most significant of all the historical events that occurred in this place was the death of Alonso Pêrez de Guzmán, better known as Guzmán El Bueno (The Good) in 1309. The castle and village of Gaucîn passed into the Catholic Monarchs hands in 1485. A great part of the troops dwelled here causing strong and violent confrontations with the locals due to the repeated abuses committed. Nowadays, El Águila Castle is an excellent scenic viewpoint to the Strait of Gibraltar and one of the main monuments of the Serranîa de Ronda.

Recommended Walk:

The start point of the route is placed at the petrol station of the municipality. Come into Gaucîn by Luis Armiñán street, leaving on your right an impressive view of the Valley. Continue on in the direction of Las Carmelitas convent where you will find an explanatory ceramics wall with some curiosities. Go on by this street to reach the Santo Niño square, doubtless one of the best preserved places of the village. There, you will find an engraving of the Gaucîn shield. Carry on by Larga street until San Sebastián church. Then, going uphill, you will arrive at El Águila Castle. By Parras and Sauquillo streets you will get to the old public washing place. Finally take the Mártires street to return to the start point.

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