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Monastery of Capuchinos

Diputación de Málaga

Monastery of Capuchinos

This church, founded by the Padres Capuchinos and built in accordance with the simple style that characterised this order’s architecture, was consecrated in 1658.

In the 20th century, the exterior underwent a series of renovations which were survived by the original main faèade, which is crowned by a brick niche housing an 18th century image of San Francisco in white limestone.

Inside, the church, which is also decorated in keeping with the Capuchin tradition, is of Latin Cross ground plan, featuring half-barrel vaults with crescent-shaped lunettes and sash arches covering the nave, crossing arms and flat chevet; the half orange crossing vault is supported by pendentines decorated with coats of arms embellished with Mannerist plasterwork.

On the left of the church’s porch is the Capilla del Cristo del Perdón, originally built by Andrês de Carvajal and which, following its destruction during the civil war, was rebuilt in 1940 by Francisco Palma Burgos.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Jesús Romero Benîtez, Guîa Artîstica de Antequera

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Camino de Capuchinos, Zip Code 29200