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Historic Archives

Diputación de Málaga

Historic Archives

This building was built as a public granary by Tomás Melgarejo in 1733. It was used as a prison during the Spanish Civil War and after numerous transformations and annexes being added to it, it was totally restored recently and turned into a kind of warehouse for some 3000 metres of documentation.

With a L-shape layout it covers some 816,23 square metres and is divided on three floors. The main nave is where the majority of fondos are kept; the Panera Hall is for documents related to the church or municipal agreements, while the La Casa del Mayordomo is for administrative services and a rather large area is dedicated to research.

Some extremely important documents can be found here, such as 64 song books from the XVI and XIXth century along with some very interesting minatures.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Jesús Romero Benîtez, Guîa Artîstica of Antequera

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