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Dolmen of Romeral

Diputación de Málaga

Dolmen of Romeral

The most modern of the three is the dolmen known as the Romeral, which dates back to the end of the Copper Age around 1800 BC. The most interesting feature of this dolmen is that it possesses what is believed to be the first ever false vault in the archaeological history.

As it is a more recent monument, it has some different features as opposed to the others previously described. It is known as a “Tholos” type of dolmen and is clearly divided up into two different sections. Firstly, there is a large entrance corridor and at the end of this is the circular funeral chamber (tholos) with walls forming a false vault by drawing the masonry courses together. The access to the funeral chamber is through a lintel-door. Secondly, there is the second chamber, which is smaller. It was where the offerings were brought.

The huge slab on the floor is especially worth a mention, and its function seems to have been as an altar in its day. Underneath this slab was where the funeral dowry was hidden. The innovative aspect of the whole structure is in the use of the bonding for the walls, while the large slabs were used for the vault/roof.

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