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Bullfight Museum of Mijas

Diputación de Málaga

Bullfight Museum of Mijas

Created in 1988 to house a private collection of articles from the world of bullfighting belonging to Josê Antonio Galán. In subsequent years, it has grown as a result of donations of costumes and capes from matadors such as “El Soro”, Miguel Márquez, Cayetano Muñoz, Joselito, etc.

Located inside a house in the town of Mijas, the museum features a collection based on the principle of "horror vacui" and has the single aim of entertaining tourists. It includes the stuffed heads of bulls killed by some of the matadors mentioned earlier, bullfighters’ costumes, modern bullfight posters, oil paintings and photographs related to the subject. The attire on show includes a Goyesque costume worn by Josê Antonio Galán and a silver and white cape used by Joaquîn Bernadó.

In order to provide an iconographic backdrop to the museum, ten folders of bullfighting lithographs known as "Cromos de la Lidia" have been unbound, individually framed and used to decorate most of the premises’ walls.

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