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Arab castle of Alora

Diputación de Málaga

Arab castle of Alora

Alora castle perched on a hill whose feet is the town of the same name. Used for over two hundred years as a municipal cemetery, just two towers are kept in good condition and many stretches of wall, with niches normally attached inside.

Attached to the castle are the remains of the old parish church, destroyed by an earthquake and now a chapel of Cristo de las Torres, of great devotion in the city.
The castle, which housed the municipal cemetery, lies in ruins consolidated. Some of its towers and walls have been rebuilt. The keep is enabled for visitors, and from it there are magnificent views of the surrounding area.

This monument is under the protection of the general declaration of the Decree of April 22, 1949, and Law 16 of 1985 on the Spanish Historical Heritage. In 1993 the Andalusian Government gave special recognition to the castles of Andalusia.

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