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The Miniature Museum. Carromato de Max

Diputación de Málaga

The Miniature Museum. Carromato de Max

The Carromato de Max (Max’s Wagon) is an original collection of miniatures whose main virtue lies in the curiosity awakened by their unusual subject matter. Its origins can be traced back to the collection amassed on his professional travels by the hypnotist Juan Elegido Millán, whose stage name was Professor Max, and set up in Mijas in 1972.

The collection was compiled with the intention of creating a lucrative exhibition, which opened in 1972 with a total of 360 exhibits. Following the death of Professor Max in 1975, the wagon was inherited by his children, who agreed to allow it to be administered by Mijas local council.

In 1992 it underwent a major overhaul, the old wood and metal wagon that had hitherto housed the collection being replaced by a custom-built imitation of the original. This modernisation resulted in the loss of the air of romanticism that had previously characterised the exhibition, though it provided a more practical venue in which the exhibits could be laid out in a more ordered and secure fashion. However, it did not include the introduction of a public convenience that would have avoided the need to make a trip to one of the nearby bars.

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