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The Museum of Mechanic Art

Diputación de Málaga

The Museum of Mechanic Art

This Museum is dedicated to unique machines. The exhibition features a number of machines with the particularity that are made with disposable parts. The building that now serves as headquarters is located in San Pedro Alcántara and was once home to the so-called sugar mill.

The history of this building is unique as the installation of a sugar factory, or sugar refinery, was indispensable to avoid the high costs of transporting sugar cane to Malaga. For the construction of the building the Marquis of Duero chose a piece of land located 500 meters from the village, with a facade to the road leading to Estepona.

The factory, which opened in late 1870, and was known by people as El Ingenio, gave its name to the current sampedreño neighborhood. The industrial complex also housed a winery that produced a high quality muscatel and an alcohol factory, The Alcoholera, now houses the Museum of Mechanic Art.

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