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Castle of Gibralfaro, Málaga (Unique Corner)

Diputación de Málaga

Castle of Gibralfaro, Málaga (Unique Corner)

Unique Corners


Recommended month to visit it: April.

Jabal-Faruk, the hill of the lighthouse, in Málaga, is the site of what once was considered the most impregnable fortress of Andalusia, the Castle of Gibralfaro. Two lines of walls and eight fortified towers ready to defend the Alcazaba.

Historians agree that there once was a mosque inside the castle that was transformed into a Christian temple when the city was conquered. However it would later be destroyed due to the military use of the fortress until the beginning of the 20th century. The Airón Well is found in its interior, from the Arab era, with more than 40 metres of depth and dug into the rock. We can also find several cisterns, two baking ovens, modern day sentry boxes and the building of the old munitions dump, where the Information Centre of the fortress is now located. It is the best vantage point of the city.


  • Parking: 374041 / 4065160
  • Castle of  Gibralfaro: 374053 / 4065141
  • Alcazaba: 373466 / 4064815

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