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Waterwheel of La Agusadera, Cuevas Bajas (Unique Site and Hydraulic heritage)

Diputación de Málaga

Waterwheel of La Agusadera, Cuevas Bajas (Unique Site and Hydraulic heritage)

Unique Corners
Noria de la Agusadera, Cuevas Bajas (Rincón Singular). 1 360º
Noria de la Agusadera, Cuevas Bajas (Rincón Singular). 2 360º
Noria de la Agusadera, Cuevas Bajas (Rincón Singular). 1 360º


Recommended month to visit it: November.

When the trees of the riverbanks of the Genil become bronze and ochre in colour and when the sun rays give us some respite after the summer, it is the best moment to discover the Waterwheel of la Agusadera or Aguzadera, in the Soto del Río Genil, in the area of Cuevas Bajas.

The Wheel has aided the irrigation of the fields for two hundred years, helping its inhabitants make the most of their resources. This small monument of the old agriculture and hydraulic engineering has become a real symbol for the inhabitants of the area.

The waterwheels have been known in Andalusia since the end of the Medieval Times under the name of naura, derived from the Arab verb na'ar, meaning to groan or to moan, in reference to the characteristic sound they produce when in movement.



  • Parking: 368829 / 4123935
  • Waterwheel of La Agusadera:  368576 / 4124009


More info

This old water wheel from the 19th century was used for watering the Beauty Spot la Agusadera with water from the section of the River Genil in the Town of Cuevas Bajas.

The magnitude of the water wheel, which is two hundred years old, is absolutely surprising. It became a symbol of this territory and an inseparable part of Soto del Río Genil (Thicket of the River Genil), one of the most significant areas of Andalusia which crosses Cuevas Bajas (Low Caves).

A common slogan related to this area describes the place as the site: ‘where Málaga leans over Genil’, referring to this peculiar topography, which offers many activities, and its history.

At this location, visitors can continuously enjoy the nature and active tourism through adventure sports in the countryside, which are becoming more and more popular. Some of these sports are canoeing down the Genil, an emotional and incredible experience similar to the one you can have when canoeing down the River Sella, or trekking along the routes that surround the Town of Cuevas Bajas.

In 2010, the aqueduct that channels the water and its access were adapted during the project known as ‘Cajonera del Ingenio’ (Ingenuity Box).

The Wheel of La Agusadera is one of few wheels that are left and can conduct the water to the fields. It still works, but at the same time it became a real tourist hotspot due to its size.

Here we find, the villages La Moheda and El Cedrón, which were founded during Jewish and Muslim period and they keep their medieval spirit. There are as well other sites of La Agusadera that seduce tourists, like the church San Juan (St John) from the 17th century, country chapels, archeological sites, the square Plaza de La Paz or the park Márquez Miranda.

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