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Municipal Museum of Almargen. Tartessos in Guadalteba

Diputación de Málaga

Municipal Museum of Almargen. Tartessos in Guadalteba

Tartessos in Guadalteba, located in an old water tank of Almargen, offer visitors the opportunity to know the transit time between the end of prehistory and early history, understood as the Tartessian time, represented in Almargen with some vital parts for the Andalusian archeology. In addition, the center present the famous bisexual idol of the third millennium befote Christ. A marble sculpture which is supposed properties for fertilization of women. Archaeological exhibits allow visitors to understand the process that made the end of prehistory in the region of Guadalhorce.

By adjustment of staff, the center is only open to concerted appointments calling the number 695 579 871.

Cultural Areas > Museums
Calle San Cosme y San Damián, Zip Code 29330
695 579 871