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Diputación de Málaga


The origin of these beacon towers can be traced back to the Andalusí period, specifically to the reign of Yusuf I (14th century), who was responsible for fortifying much of the coast.

They served to provide constant surveillance of the sea in order to warn nearby fortresses of pirate incursions via smoke signals during the day and bonfires at night.

El Cantal tower stands on a cliff top some 30 metres above sea level and is conical in shape, standing 10,65 metres tall with a maximum diameter of 7,15 m.

Torre de Banagalbón tower, located on a low hill and also conical in shape, stands 10,50 metres high and has a base diameter of 7 metres.

Functionally speaking, these structures were divided into two separate areas, a roof terrace and an interior chamber, with a spiral staircase inside.

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