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Bil Bil Castle

Diputación de Málaga

Bil Bil Castle

The Castillo de Bil Bil is built in Arabic style, its exterior featuring red plastering and exquisite Nazarî decoration in the shape of tiling and bas-reliefs. The castle is flanked by fountains, another legacy of the Muslim tradition, and from outside, the visitor can enjoy magnificent views of Benalmádena’s beaches.

Inside, the local council stages exhibitions, conferences, concerts, a range of cultural activities and civil weddings (Saturdays only).

The building of the castle was commissioned in the 1930s by León Hermann and his wife Fernanda, the Malaga architect Enrique Atencia being placed in charge of the project. The Hermanns never lived in the castle, deciding to put it up for sale upon the outbreak of the Civil War in 1936. It was eventually bought by the Schestrom family from America, who lived here until the 1980s, when, following a series of transformations and negotiations, it was acquired by Benalmádena local council for use as a Cultural Centre.

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