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González Marín’s House

Diputación de Málaga

González Marín’s House

A house-museum that belonged to the Cartama poetry reader Jose Gonzalez Marin (1889 to 1956).

After a stint in the Catholic Seminar, Gonzalez Marin begin law studies, alternating it with performances in theater, where he became a successful performer in the company of the famous Maria Guerrero. However, he discovered his true vocation years later. Highlighted as bard, he organized tours throughout Spain and Latin America, where the elegance of his recitation gain the favor of the public and many intellectuals as Ramón Maria del Valle Inclan, Jose Maria Peman or Jacinto Benavente, keeping even a close friendship with several members Generation of 27 as Rafael Alberti, Ignacio Sanchez Mejias and Federico Garcia Lorca, who visits his house in Cartama and engaged a deep friendship with him.
In 1936 he was forced to flee Spain by some controversial statements against the Popular Front government made in Madrid at the end of one of his performances. After that, and during the first months of the Spanish Civil War, he started an impromptu tour from Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica and Cuba, returning to Spain at the end the conflict. During the 1940s and 1950s, he continues his successful career, being perhaps the only intellectual reciting great works of Federico Garcîa Lorca.
Throughout his life he was elected member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Telmo in Malaga, receiving numerous awards and honors.

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