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Monument in honour of Sir James Douglas

Diputación de Málaga

Monument in honour of Sir James Douglas

In the General History of Spain, Father Mariana recounts the story of the most incredible event to happen in the area of Teba since the death of the Arab leader Arab Omar Ibn Hafsun, the hero of Bobastro: the conquest of the town by Alfonso 11th on 20th January 1389.

Amongst the dead from the battle was Sir James Douglas, who was a knight loyal to King Robert 1st of Scotland who fought along side the Christian troops. This detail is part of a story that is engraved on a stone tablet that is in the village, which was given by the Scottish village of Melrose, which is today twinned with Teba. It was carried personally by members of the dead knights family all the way from Scotland in order to comemorate his couragous fight on behalf of this town of Malaga. Another of the anecdotes that is told is about the French Empress Eugenia de Montijo, who was a descendent of the first conquerers of Teba, the Martîn Fernán de Portocarrero and the Juan Ramîrez de Guzmán families. Juan Ramîrez de Guzmán was named the first Lord of Teba.

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