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Hydraulic complex. King's Path

Diputación de Málaga

Hydraulic complex. King's Path

Built at the beginning of the XXth century, this is an incredible hanging walkway that works its way through the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes: The Camino del Rey. The sight of the El Chorro dam is well worth the trouble.

In order to bridge the gap existing at the entrance of the Tajo de los Gaitanes and El Chorro train station, the Hydroelectric Company planned to build a dam basin in the early twentieth century. Although the works were terminated in 1905, the Hydroelectric Company El Chorro noted the need to build a regulation reservoir, upstream, which would ensure the supply of water in times of drought.
The project had a dual intent: to improve the operation of the waterfall for energetic purposes and to enhance the irrigation of the fields in the area. This dam initially had a height of 32 meters, placing it in the Turon River.
Under the direction of the engineer Rafael Benjumea Burîn, construction began in the fall of 1914, with some alterations on the initial draft. For his dedication and the work done, the King Alfonso 13th granted him the title of Conde de Guadalhorce. That renovated project increased dam height to 50 meters, not the 32 originally planned, producing a reservoir of 80 hectometres.
On 21 May 1921, the King Alfonso 13th inaugurated the works. In 1953 this swamp was named Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir, but later became known as El Chorro.

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