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Castle of la Villeta

Diputación de Málaga

Castle of la Villeta

The 10th century may have been its time of creation. It was not refortified until the 12th century where the west tower and the highest parts of the fortress were built. It was rebuilt during the Nasrid period, and the Al-Mundat farmstead was constructed on the northern slope of the castle.

Its origins go back to the Iberians. When the peninsular was dominated by the Arabs at the end of the 9th century, Omar Ben Hafsun, rebuilt the castle of Al Mundat, as an extra line of defence. Its remains can still be seen today. Later on it was named La Villeta and after it was destroyed by Sab Ibn Almundir the Hammudíes rebuilt it again towards the 11th century. Nowadays, it has been declared Good of Cultural Interest, and it has become a luxurious and comfortable hotel.

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