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Capuchina´s mausoleum

Diputación de Málaga

Capuchina´s mausoleum

The monument known as the "Mausoleo de la Capuchina", is situated some 7 kilometres from the town. It is a burial monument with a crypt for burials and an upper floor that was where the religious services were held. The local stone was used in the construction and red-coloured brick mortar. Glazed pottery remains of objects like pots, plates, jugs and jars have been discovered at different sites in the area.

A reconstruction carried out by Don Rafael Puertas shows la "Capuchina" as a house-like building with a stepped decorative element similar to the podiums of many Roman temples at the base of the walls. It is known that the mausoleums from this period belonged to different architectural schools and were either built as towers, temples or houses.

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