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Noria de La Aceña (The Aceña Waterwheel)

Diputación de Málaga

Noria de La Aceña (The Aceña Waterwheel)


• Heritage Value: Low
• Landscape Value: Medium
• Condition: Low state of repair
• Type of hydraulic structure: Waterwheel
• Stage of the Great Málaga Path: Stage 15: Villanueva de Algaidas - Cuevas Bajas
• Where to find it: Cuevas Bajas and Cuevas de San Marco
• Period: possibly of 19th-century origin or 20th-century replacement
• Architect: Unknown
• UTM Coordinates:
- 368707,3017, 4124070,104 The Agusadera Waterwheel
- 370462,2805, 4124538,819 The Aceña Waterwheel


Being declared Unique Site of the province of Málaga, the Agusadera Waterwheel and its aqueduct were restored in 2010. The Seña Waterwheel and Mill have also been fitted out for visitors.


Documentary references suggest that this waterwheel dates back to the final quarter of the 18th century. The original wooden wheel was replaced by its present-day iron counterpart in the first third of the 20th century. It was designed for two purposes: to activate the mill (of which remains can still be found) and to control irrigation by raising the level of the water in the river. Watching and hearing the mechanism in action in this delightful setting is an experience that should not be missed.

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Camino de la Aceña, Zip Code 29210