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Monolith in honour of Eduardo Ocón

Diputación de Málaga

Monolith in honour of Eduardo Ocón

This village pays homage to one of most renowned sons, D. Eduardo Ocón, through a monolith that was erected in his memory.

This man was one of the most important musicians in the province and Spain.

Eduardo Ocón, a renowned music composer from Malaga was a native of Benamocarra. Born on 12th of January 1833 in that village and he passed away due to a pneumonia in the Cathedral tower on 28th February 1901.His whole life was dedicated to music. At the age of eighteen he was first in a selection exam and became the second place organ player in the Cathedral of Malaga. Later on he left for Paris, where he had a scholarship to perfect himself. However, he missed his hometown too much and returned to Malaga and took charge of the recently inaugurated Conservatorio de Música and he began to give classes. Not long passed before he was once again appointed the second place organist of Malaga’s cathedral and he promoted the restoration of the Julián de la Orden organ. From amongst his compositions for the organ the most outstanding are seven masses and lesser works like, Salves, Prayers Corals, Ave Marias, and his great Miserere. Of his non-religious works, perhaps the most outstanding is Rapsodia Andaluza and his collection Cantos Españoles.

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