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Dolmen of Menga

Diputación de Málaga

Dolmen of Menga

This is the largest and most important of the dolmens that make up this group. It is 25 metres long and 7 wide. It is a funeral chamber formed by immense monoliths that weigh up to 200 tonnes.

It can be dated back to about 2000 years before Christ. It is a large oval-shaped chamber that forms a covered gallery that gets narrower at the entrance. Seven huge, square monoliths make up each of the sides with another enormous stone that acts as the head. The whole structure is covered by five large slabs. This particular dolmen is the only one that has anthropomorphic engravings on it on the first one on the left as you enter. The visitor will surely be impressed by the size of the shelter and the covering slab at the end which is 6 metres long and 7 metres wide and has an approximate weight of about 180 tonnes. The square pillars inside the dolmen are what support the vault, although only one really does. The whole thing is covered by a fifty feet in diameter burial mound.

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