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Necrópolis de las cuevas del Alcaide (The Alcaide Necropolis)

Diputación de Málaga

Necrópolis de las cuevas del Alcaide (The Alcaide Necropolis)

This necropolis consists of 21 underground tombs that were largely used between the Copper Age and the end of the Bronze Age, proving its high symbolic value for the communities at the end of Prehistory.

In 1996, it was declared a Heritage Site of Cultural Interest, under the heading of Archaeological Area.
This archaeological site is located on the eastern slope of the Loma del Viento, in the territory known as Cortijo de Alcaide (Antequera). The Alcaide Necrópolis (Spanish for “Governors’ Necropolis”), on the outskirts of the village, is of particular significance as it provides an example of the different designs that characterised the habitats of Prehistoric Man. Also of interest are the caves of Sierra de Arcas and El Pedroso.

In the Alcaide Necropolis, each tomb or cave is dug out of the rock. Corridors are either simple or composed of several sections, which may be at the same level or different levels separated by steps. The chambers are arranged in a circular or slightly elliptical pattern, with a vaulted roof.
As for the burial ritual, it is of collective nature.

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