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Santa Cruz Real Temple

Diputación de Málaga

Santa Cruz Real Temple

It was built between 1699 and 1715 by Josê Tirado, the master architect responsible for Seville Cathedral. It features a Basilical ground plan consisting of three naves separated by eight red marble columns eight metres in height which are the only ones of their type to be found in the area. Among the most significant of the exhibits on show are a 75-centimetre-high silver monstrance crafted by Córdoba silversmiths in the 17th century; a number of chalices, notably one in pure gold weighing one kilogram which dates back to the 15th century and another exquisite example decorated with relief figures donated by Cardinal Portocarrero, bearing two inscriptions in Latin which read: "Carlos 2nd, King of the Spains by the grace of God for his valour and protection. 1696" y "Most illustrious Lord Pedro Portocarrero y Guzmán, Patriarch of the Indies".

The elevated Cross paraded during major celebrations is a priceless treasure, with its exquisite design and Renaissance-style execution. Also crafted in this same style are a number of silver goblets, lecterns and manuscript holders. The exquisitely-carved mahogany chests of drawers in the sacristy are home to a set of 16th century garments decorated with rich imagery and gold embroidery in the case of the chasuble and waterproof cape. Written on the blue background of the tunics are the words: "Donated by Alfonso 11th and, centuries later, embroidered by Queen Isabel ".

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