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Parish Church of the Holy Spirit

Diputación de Málaga

Parish Church of the Holy Spirit

The parish church which is dedicated to the Holy Spirit is worth special attention. It is quite a small consturction that dates back to the 16th century. The belfry from the 18th century on the exterior is outstanding with its two tiers and its angled spaces that is similar to the Ermita de la Aurora in the centre of Malaga in many ways.

The building is located in the main square of Pujerra. Its title matches that of the first church ordered to be built in the town of Ronda by the Catholic Kings. Outside stands the eighteenth century belfry with two bodies and three bays by angle, marking Baroque style.

It is a simple building with a single nave, whose front door is on one side (typical feature in county churches of his time), with a semicircular arch on stone pillars, which opens next the Epistle, almost to the feet.

Its deck is a wooden Mudejar structure and on the outside it can be appreciated the simplicity of the Renaissance, who combines with its Baroque belfry.

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