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Hermitage of the Virgen del Carmen

Diputación de Málaga

Hermitage of the Virgen del Carmen

This religious building dates back to the late XVIII century, though it was restored in the XIX. It consists of a single nave built in a style which is reminiscent of neo-gothic though with a number of baroque details. The presbytery features a semi-spherical, eight-rib vault and a hexagonal image chamber with a twelve-sided vault laid out in triangles and squares, all of which is crowned with a lantern roof.

The image of Nuestra Señora del Carmen (patron saint of the village) was carved by Navas Parejo in the XX century.

It is known to have been restored in 863 using funds provided by the local inhabitants. The hermitage itself also had to be restored following the Civil War. Unfortunately, the older carvings and paintings could not be saved in the wake of 1936, being lost along with the altar and a number of religious icons. The original brick tower and ceramic roof still remain intact.

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