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Church of San Juan Bautista

Diputación de Málaga

Church of San Juan Bautista

This 16th century church, which was reformed in the 18th century, was built by using the square tower ( today the belfry) which was part of the walled Arab fortifications that were destroyed when it was laid to siege by the Reyes Católicos in 1485.

The solemnity of this temple has turned it into one of the most important in the province and today, it is home to many religious images such as the Patron Saint of the town itself, the Virgen de la Fuensanta, which only leaves the temple in the month of May to go to the hermitage which is situated in the rural area of Pereila. She stays there until the first weekend in June and then is taken back to the temple by the local faithful during the “romeria”.

The church has three naves and it has a gabled roof in the centre and a single slope on either side. There are three access doors: two at the sides and the min one at the end of the temple. This, as is obvious, is due to the influence of Renaissance architecture and the Latin Cross floor plan.

Although the base of the church is true to Renaissance architecture, the main altar is Baroque. Underneath this there is a pantheon with 24 burial chambers for priests, vicars, and selected people from the village. The pulpit and the floor of the temple is made of marble, which is a product of Coin.

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