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Rupestre church

Diputación de Málaga

Rupestre church

Although it is not a place of worship nowadays, its existence serves to prove the presence of the Mozarabic civilisation in the northeastern part of the region (the same is the case with the country church in Villanueva de Algaidas). This also shows how strategically important this area was during the uprising of Omar Ben Hafsun against the Caliphate.

The Christians who lived in areas under Moorish rule did not construct their temples in stone, but rather they carved out the stone to make way for their places of worship. In the case of Archidona, the church there dates back to the IXth century and is situated in the nº 7 of the famous Plaza Ochavada, and more precisely in the ground floor of a building that today is a Meson (restaurant). It is well preserved and has a three sectioned-head, transept and naves.

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