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Watchtowers Torreladeada and Torrenueva

Diputación de Málaga

Watchtowers Torreladeada and Torrenueva

There are two towers, Torreladeada and Torrenueva, the former dating back to Muslim times, the latter a 16th-century military fortress.

Like most coastal towns and villages, Algarrobo is home to remains of Mediaeval watchtowers. In this case, two such structures stand facing one another on opposite sides of national road 340, near the mouth of the River Algarrobo. The defence tower known as Torre Ladeada or"daleá" is worthy of note for its leaning posture. These towers were built on a circular ground plan with raised entrances, to which steps were added later on. They were constructed with the aim of monitoring the coast in order to ward off invaders, particularly pirates.

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