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The Entredicho

Diputación de Málaga

The Entredicho

Following the Christian conquest, the land that now makes up the village of Villanueva de Tapia was the subject of a dispute between Iznájar (Córdoba) and Archidona, both of whom wanted to incorporate it into their respective territories. It was this incident that gave rise to the village’s alternative name of "El Entredicho", meaning “doubt” or “interdict”.

In fact, it was under this name that it was recorded in XVI-century documents to be found in Iznájar Municipal Archive. In order to resolve the dispute, in the early XVII century, Royal Exchequer advisers decided that the controversial borough of "El Entredicho" should become part of the Royal Patrimony, which it did on the 20th of June 1602. Later, however, Felipe III, feeling that the Crown’s new territory was not proving excessively profitable for his patrimony, decided to sell it to a member of the Supreme Council of Castile, Pedro de Tapia. Henceforth, the village began to develop under the patronage of the Count of Tapia, with the name by which it is known today.

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