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Municipal Museum of Ceramics Workshop

Diputación de Málaga

Municipal Museum of Ceramics Workshop

In 1983 a group of residents of Casabermeja began working the clay to give life to their own Christmas Nativity. For years, its became a popular art form that would attract visitors from across the province. Thereafter, Casabermeja start to love ceramics.

The 15th of August, 1989, the first workshop with an exhibition of pottery and ceramics opened.

The municipal museum of ceramic workshop was projected as a scientific and cultural institution, quite sensible to the investigating, educational and recreational needs of visitors.

Purposes of the institution

  • To save and share this legacy of the Spanish and Malaga culture.
  • To investigate and enhance this heritage with a collection of pottery, especially in the province of Málaga.
  • To establish a center for study and documentation of pottery, especially in the province of Malaga.
  • To convert the museum workshop in a learning center of various ceramic techniques.

By completing the permanent exhibition, the museum workshop program temporary exhibitions annually, that can be self-produced or the result of collaborations with other institutions, groups or individual artists.

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