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Guadalteba Prehistory Museum

Diputación de Málaga

Guadalteba Prehistory Museum

Visiting the museum before entering the Ardales Cave—a national archaeological landmark—is an excellent introduction to the prehistoric settlements in the region. Its archaeological collections from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age are presented in a clear and educational manner.

Situated at the entrance to the village, this Interpretation Center contains a selection of archaeological materials from the origins of the urban development of Ardales as well as some ethnographic material related to the way of life that has been going on over history in these lands. As a finishing touch, there are some objects of everyday use that have fallen now into disuse.

This center is located in the premises of the Historical Municipal Museum of Ardales which have move part of it to the Interpretation Center of History and Tradition in the Rock of Ardales. The strategic importance of this project is based on the use of a well established flow of visitors since 1992.

This project is a conversion that supplement the museum's funding of the region (Museum of Teba, Trinidad Grund, Bobastro, Carratraca ....) leveraging existing infrastructure in the town of Ardales (one of them the Historic Municipal Museum in which houses the Interpretation Centre of Prehistory).

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