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House-Fort Bezmiliana

Diputación de Málaga

House-Fort Bezmiliana

The Bezmiliana Fort-House is the most emblematic monument of the town of Rincón de la Victoria. It was built in 1766 as a complement to the traditional organization of the existing military defence in the 16th century, which also included the Towers of El Cantal and Benagalbón. Their functions consisted of preventing maritime piracy and terrestrial stalking the area.

The construction of the Bezmiliana Fort-House is quadrangular and boasts an outer unadorned masonry wall, two diagonal towers diagonally for defence purposes, two levels, a wall with two sentry boxes, a central building, and a typical covered well known as alcuílla (from Arabic qubba = dome). The main gate is crowned with the coat of arms of Charles III. Inside the fort we found the “troop room” and the “Chamber of the official” united by a common stack with two mouths and the “south room or the room of stables” with 14 stalls and ground paved.

Currently, one of the rooms is used as an exhibition hall, and its walls regularly exhibit works of the most famous artists in all disciplines.

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