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Speleology Interpretation Centre & Tourist Information Centre of Montejaque

Diputación de Málaga

Speleology Interpretation Centre & Tourist Information Centre of Montejaque

The Speleology Interpretation Centre of Montejaque is a cooperation project signed in 1997 between the Municipality of Montejaque and the Andalusian Federation of Speleology.

It was inaugurated on October 11, 2003 and modernized in 2010 thanks to the investment made by the Development Plan to Promote Tourism in Serrania de Ronda.
In the Centre, karst geology (the mountains surrounding the Montejaque environment) are show through panels, audiovisual and display cases. Besides that, the visitor will also learn about the formation of cavities and potholes, different speleothems, man's relationship with the caverns, caving intertwined with the sport and science, prospecting and exploration of the area, caving progression techniques, caving specific modalities (such as canyoning and cave diving), topography, material used, photography groundwater, importance of the protection and conservation of the cavities, human presence in the environment of the Guadiaro Valley river, biospeleology, or the necessary protection of bats, etc. But above all, the visitor will be informed about the most significant fissures and caves of Montejaque and its immediate surroundings such as the depths of Pozuelo, Hundidero-Gato Hydrogeological System, or the Cave of the Pileta.

This Centre is also the Information Point of the Natural Park "Sierra de Grazalema".

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