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Museum of Anthropology of Montes of Malaga

Diputación de Málaga

Museum of Anthropology of Montes of Malaga

The Museum of Anthropology of Montes (Mountains) of Malaga is housed in the Natural Park of the same name. The museum is located in the Torrijos Winery, a typical farmhouse of the area, with press, mill and oven. It contains farming tools, utensils and machinery for manufacturing its own wine, olive oil and bread.
Previously existing mills in the mountains were formed of stone with one to three cones, which rolled on a circular stone mill. The one in Torrijos is made of metal, built at the end of last century to crush the olive paste and obtain the olive oil. The whole system works by animal traction, usually donkey or mule, in a circular route to move the curlers.
The museum still owns a beam press and every year is operated during the grape harvest festival of the Montes of Malaga which to obtain an excellent mash of grapes Pedro Ximênez and Muscat of Alexandria, so typical of these mountains of Malaga. This festival is usually carried out around late September or early October.

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