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Municipal Museum of Art and Popular Traditions of Benagalbón

Diputación de Málaga

Municipal Museum of Art and Popular Traditions of Benagalbón

The museum, which occupies the ground floor of a building which also houses a public library and a pensioners’ centre, came about as a result of the “Culture Weeks” that are periodically staged here. These included exhibitions in the public library which gave rise to the idea of organising a campaign to collect items of cultural interest from the local populace which would reflect a past in danger of extinction in the face of the huge transformation in our way of life that characterises present-day society.

The efforts of the idea’s main instigator, Natividad Dîaz, saw the museum’s exhibits collected and displayed in atmospherically-decorated settings representing the different rural activities prevalent in the area and the different rooms found in a typical house. The opening of the Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares was one of main events of Culture Week 1993, the venue proving immensely popular with the local inhabitants.

The task of amassing exhibits continues, though the collection currently on show can be considered practically complete. Furthermore, from 1993 onwards the local ethnographical museum also set itself the task of fulfilling some of the other functions demanded of a modern, living museum. These include teaching schoolchildren in the Axarquîa region, who make group visits to the museum every Wednesday, about their local heritage.

Though the museum observes a fixed timetable from Tuesdays to Saturdays, if visitors should find the museum closed during these times, they can report to number 6 Plaza de la Iglesia, whose owner has the key to the museum and will be pleased to accompany the guests as she is highly familiar with the items on show, having been one of the museum’s main promoters and contributors.

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