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Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Diputación de Málaga

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The museum was set up when a collection of prints was donated for the purpose by Josê Luis Morales Marîn, a professor of History of Modern and Contemporary Art, to the town of Marbella in 1992. A board of trustees was created, presided over by the town’s mayor and comprising 16 committee members as well as a director general, a non-remunerated post undertaken for life by Josê Luis Morales Marîn himself. He was advised in this role by a scientific committee consisting of specialists in calcography, history of art and other cultural fields related to this particular art form. The basic collection has steadily grown through private donations and deposits and, in particular, the generosity of practising print artists who have donated their own works.

Notable among the range of services offered by the museum is its policy of organising exhibitions and conferences focussing on its speciality. It also features a print workshop which organises a number of courses throughout the year and stages a national print competition. All of this is complemented by its publishing activities, which centre on the issue of catalogues for temporary exhibitions.

The building in which the Museo del Grabado Contemporáneo Español is located, the former Hospital de Bazán, is an example of Renaissance architecture situated in the old town centre of Marbella in an area once occupied by its mediaeval walls. It dates back to 1568, when the last will and testament of Alvaro de Bazán, the town’s perpetual alderman, ordered the foundation of hospital in his main residences, under the name of La Encarnación, which would look after the town’s poor and needy. The irregular design of the present-day construction is due to the fact that it was created by combining several separate buildings.

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