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The Palaeontology Municipal Museum

Diputación de Málaga

The Palaeontology Municipal Museum

The museum’s current collection features remains from the Pliocene period, including fossils between three and five million years old. It is notable both for the large number of species it contains and for the incredibly well-conserved state of the fossils themselves, which in some cases still retain their original colour. The exhibition features over 2,000 fossils and covers some 600 species pertaining to the Pliocene period in Estepona, including vegetable species, vertebrates, brachiopods, bryozoos, crustaceans, conids, echinoderms and molluscs.

In fact, the museum boasts the largest collection of Pliocene remains to be found at a single venue in the whole of Europe. Furthermore, Estepona was recently the scene of the discovery of a series of fossils over 210 million years old which are the only ones of their kind ever found in Spain. As a result, a project to enlarge the museum is already under way and includes the construction of a room to house fossils from the Upper Triassic period.

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